I began my career working with men and women who were vulnerable, at risk. I wanted to understand the stories of their childhood and discovered how each individual’s childhood profoundly impacted their success or failure to thrive as adults.

Next I worked with children and families as I identified how life events affect mental health and this one precious gift we call LIFE. I met with children and their parents in their homes, communities and schools. I facilitated after school groups referred by the court, for teenagers at risk for negative behavior and substance abuse.

As parents we want the best for our children. We want to prepare them as they step out and meet their lives. We want to educate them so they become independent and capable of navigating hard times.

My approach to working with children is to help children understand their own value; help them discover their strengths, talents, and recognize their connection to their family, community and world. I expand their horizon of possibilities and choices. Children who feel self empowered and confident are joyful. Together we will create a treatment plan and approach specific to you and your child’s needs based on their age.

The world has presented significant concerns which influence the well-being of our children. We can help them find their way by giving them a road map to follow.

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