Beautiful young people are accidents of nature.
But beautiful old people are works of art

Eleanor Roosevelt

Seniors and Older Adults

At each stage of our lives we are asked to meet certain challenges. As Seniors these challenges can seem overwhelming. Though equipped with so much wisdom and life experiences, the rapidly changing contemporary world can present obstacles not planned for or anticipated. Health care issues, insurance cost and other financial concerns can feel overpowering.

As a psychotherapist I know that feelings of anxiety can impact health and well-being. My approach is to assist you to address your concerns. I also help you to reflect on your life, evaluate what is important to you, explore the possibilities and create a plan.

As an Integrative Health Healer I introduce mindfulness practice, meditation, visualization, and interventions that will calm anxiety and promote harmony. I will guide you to initiate healthy activities which will improve your wellness and quality of life.

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