Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Trauma are not physical diseases nor are they mental illnesses. They are an Integrative Disorder which is best treated by addressing the well being of the physical, emotional and mental states. They impact body, spirit, and mind.

We know trauma is the underlying cause of depression, anxiety disorders and behavioral issues and it can be found at the heart of most mental health conditions. I believe you can heal by telling your story and clearing your trauma.

Polish your diamond!

Reconnect to the present moment, to others, and let go of anger, fear and sadness. These feelings may satisfy your emotions but they will never satisfy your heart. Experience the empowerment of understanding your physical and mental responses. Our brain is influenced by these memories.

EMDR is a very powerful tool to access this memory content
and will assist you to re-frame and transform thoughts and emotions.

I have provided services to children, men, women, veterans who have experienced trauma. I am trained in EMDR I & II, Seeking Safety, and Integrative Health and Healing.

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